X’mas Galore


-Auntsfield Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2015 New Zealand 
-Ferraro Rocher 300g
-Hershey chocolate spread
-Storck’s Knoppers 
-Danish Almond biscuit
-Borggreve Spiced biscuits with Almond
-Borggreve Hazelnut Biscuit
-Mackay’s Scottish Jam 
-Campbell soup
-Petite Four Belgian Chocolate
-Fluffy cuddly bear
-Tiffany blue rectangular box packaging 
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The Valentine's Day Deliveries Charges from 6/2/20 to 14/2/20 will be subject to change in light of recent events. Please call 6100 2051/ 8720 2051 for Delivery or Pickups. Happy Valentine's!